Hair guides created from mesh objects


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@sourvinos thx. but link on wiki is not active. :frowning:


You are right, I didn’t notice.
Moreover, that page is not linked anymore in the extensions-scripts page, it looks like an orphan page…
I did not have success in finding the link, sorry.


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need register to download

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Can you please add a direct Dropbox link or something? I cannnot download, says I must login. My email isn’t working currently.

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email doesn’t need
i added link to dropbox but it doesnt appears until moderator check it)


I logged in at, but links to the files don’t seem to work.
This add-on is like vanished.


just received via dropbox… odd

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i downloaded it right now from for me all links works
posted link to dropbox but its moderation need:(
@sourvinos i send privat message to you guys:eyebrowlift:


Thank you Rawzombie,
it took me a while to understand, I don’t get why it needs this kind of limitations, anyway I deleted the link which I posted above.
And links in the page did not work to me.

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So if I understand this correctly. You model the general shape of the hair with meshes. Then you run this script and it creates hair guides for use in the particle system hair. Is that correct?

If so it is the opposite of what I need. need to make mesh hair.

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It looks like I’m behind the curve on moving away from and o to Sorry about that. With a little luck I’ll have time to update the wiki and download location within a few days.

Thanks to everyone who looked into to is already. I’ll get it sorted out as soon as I can.

shaba1, you have it right. This script starts with a mesh object and generates a particle hair system to match the mesh.

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ohh noooo!!!

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I put the script on Dropbox for now. It’ll probably stay there unless I can keep it on a Blender foundation site which doesn’t need a log-in. The link to the scriipt is on HairNet’s wiki page and on the page.



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Hi jandals,
the script is great and I’ve been trying to incorporate into it my workflow and found that the roots of individual strands are not mapped correctly in UV of the base object as someone above has mentioned, leading some problems when i try to texture paint on them to colorise hair.

Is is possible to manage around this limitation?? I can see that the colour i paint on the Uv-mapped texture does appear on the strands, but how they’re mapped seems to me pretty unpredictable.

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Thanks for describing that, Kuribo. I hadn’t considered UV coordinates before but I have some ideas about what could be going wrong. I’ll look into whether it’s correctable.

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Kuribo, here’s what I’ve figured out so far. If you have any more observations, I’d be glad to read them.

If I disable child hairs, the “original” hairs which remain are colored properly. Also, using “Interpolated” child hairs colors all hairs correctly. It’s only when I use “simple” child hairs that the hair strand color does not match the color of the face at its root. This problem only occurs with hairs created by HairNet.

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yes, it worked. I didn’t know how to make “interpolated” child hairs aligned properly with the parent strand until I learned that I should shape the base mesh so that it fits the root area of the hairnet object.(i.e interpolated children strands disperse over the entire base mesh if the shape of the base mesh and the hairnet object’s root area don’t match up)

now i know it works fine i’ll keep woking and hopefully post some result. thanks

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Hello, to use interpolated hair, you must first anchor the parent hairs that were generated by “hairnet” - You do that by generating a second, temporary hair system. (you may have to use a unique name so that the original system doesn’t get overwritten) Once the second, temporary system has been generated, it can be deleted immediately - after which you will find that interpolated hair + vertex groups will work correctly on your first, original hair system.

take care

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sorry i was away for a while…and yes, just as you said it worked without shaping the scalp once anchored down! I should’ve read those posts thoroughly if someone has already mentioned about it earlier…thanks your help.