Hair guides created from mesh objects

(Keiko) #141

hi mill is it possible if you can show a screenshot of your workaround with importing Maya curves or ZB fibers in Blender? Thank you

(Keiko) #142

hmmm no reply on both my initial questions, anyway here’s my first atempt using the HaiNet addon. As I said before, thank Jandals this addon is fantastic and easy to use. So far my hair styling is far from perfect but perhaps after more practice of planar hair positioning then I’ll get this right. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

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(Oyster) #143

how to use “add hair from curves”? I have selected all the curves and then the mesh, ctrl+a has been applied on curves/mesh, but why the result seems so strange? Thanks

Btw. in the addon, line 507 should be hairGuides = [red]self.[/red]fibersToGuides(hairObj) which I have committed on the github

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(Oyster) #144

well, I fount that the curve must be only ONE object. So we I have to merge all the curves in the above example, now everything is ok

(eternalcha0) #145

Hi great job so far it’s looks really good but you know what would make it better if you add the ability to make the bases of all the hair meshes spread out over the entire head. Like if you had a cube and scaled one side/face way up. Nevertheless great job


(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #146

How can I use the “strand” options? I really like the stand method, but I don´t know how to apply it with Hair Net. Became popular because 3D Artist magazine, again.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #147

@Oyster Did you just draw the curves and then selected the cube, then “add hair from curve”?

(dan) #148

What a great addon, not sure how I could’ve missed it. Any chance of getting it for 2.8?

(Jandals) #149

So far, I’m not able to debug what’s preventing HairNet from working in 2.8 because of another bug related to particle edit mode. So if that gets fixed, I can keep updating it but until then, I may be stuck for now.

(RealityFox) #150

Has the other bug been sorted?

(Jandals) #151

Not yet, RealityFox.

(RealityFox) #152

no worries! Just wondering.

(Ricardo Figueira) #154

Can you share this blender file, that reproduce what we see in the image?

(Jandals) #155

I added the PubExamples file to the “releases” page on GitHub. It includes the two scenes in the picture above and a couple others. I hope that helps.

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(Ricardo Figueira) #156

Hi @Jandals,

Please check, because the zip file only has one file HairNetPubExamples.blend with only one sample… lol

(Jandals) #157

They’re all there; each example is in a different scene.

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