Hair guides created from mesh objects

hi Jandels, awesome addon. by any chance is there one for 2.80

Eventually. There’s currently a bug in Blender that needs to be fixed before HairNet can work with 2.80.


thank you man

Has anyone checked this in 2.8 in awhile? I didn’t get it to work but I might be doing something wrong. GREAT plugin btw! Exactly what I was looking for… but I’ll probably have to rebuild things in 2.79 just for this.

The entire human race is waiting.

I checked it today. Blender still has a break in accessing hair vertex data.

any update?

I’m having an issue with this plugin (still in 2.79). I’m adding a shape key to my mesh but a good portion of the hair is not following along with those vertex.

I’m using the mesh as the emitter and adding in extra UV in the plugin. Has anyone else seen this and most importantly, is there a solution?

Thanks for any help. This is a big one because it’s the last issue in getting a big job for me. If I solve this, I’m in the clear to use Blender.

Drat! I thought that had been resolved.

From what you described, what I believe is happening is that, when the hair system is created, each hair gets connected to a face in the mesh. When the hairs are moved into their final position, they are still “connected” to their original faces. So even though they may be positioned quite far from where they started, they still inherit movement from their original faces and vertices.

The workaround, for now, is to click “Disconnect Hair” and then “Connect Hair” in the Particle Properties window.

Some of the hairs will shift position slightly. I don’t believe HairNet has any control over that movement since it appears to be part of a routine within Blender. Hopefully it will be a small enough movement that it won’t matter.

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You just saved that project for me! The Disconnect Hair thing works!

While I have you. I end up having to comb the hair just slightly to get it to set itself. Is there an easier way to do that? If I don’t touch it in Particle Edit mode, it won’t allow me to edit the mesh and doesn’t give me options like Disconnect Hair.

Thanks a ton btw!