Hair, how it angers me so...

I was wondering how you would make some hair… I dont need a lot of texture, its a cartoon, I just need a block of hair, that has the shape you know? Only thing is, I am not sure how to do so. I know I can make verticles with cntrl left click so maybe I shoud draw it??? Only if I do, I just make a line, and I cant make it become hair… :frowning: Can anyone please help???

and search here for Hair and you’ll find all the threads where these new features have been discussed ad infinitum.


—the simplest way to do so is to:
first- “draw” the lines (hair lines i mean) in your model
second- in your material settings turn ON shadeless, this way your “hair” will render as lines

You MUST draw poly-lines NOT planes

—if you have a little more time take a look at my signature, i wrote a tutorial for hair -warning- it is not a simple task but you can have terrific hair

BUT------ DON’T WAIST (edited: the word must be WASTE not waist %| )YOUR TIME. Do a little effort to learn how to use the new particle system it is GREAT