Hair in Blender

So, I wanted to ask how hair works in blender. I found this awesome tutorial on hair (
My question is that whether this method is suitable for animations and games? Would I have trouble animating these individual strands? If so, can you please guide me on how to make hair from strands? Please post some tutorials.
On a SIDE note, I have this notion that for animation and games, the whole mesh should be connected that is, it should be a single object. Is this the case? I am asking about the working of hair due to this idea. Would I need to attach it to the model to have it work properly?

Also, Happy New Year

Hi @albert_nox as I know you can simply convert the final result to mesh, strand and join them together later on, If you want to rig the whole thing, you should assign weights for each strand mesh which would give you complete control over the whole mesh just like you rig a body, it’s just geometry.

Um, how do I strand and join them together?

For animation and games the rules are completely different. In video animation you can pre-calculate a physics sim on the hair to have it moving realistically. This is not an option with games … some game engine do have physics engines that can do this kind of thing in realtime, some don’t. Talking about animation and games like the same rules will apply to both … not going to help. In MANY cases : not going to help.

The video explains that at 19:50 minute, it’s almost the same process on a game engine, in any cases you shouldn’t have any problem with rigging or simulation.