hair in external renderer?


I’ve just started mucking around in Lux Renderer a little, as it gives a good looking ray traced render (well, I like it), and is easy to use. However, this means that I can’t use the blender hair in my renders. Is there any external renders that will support the blender hair/fur system yet?


When you have hair particles on an object, it shows up in the modifiers panel, and click convert. It will convert the particles to verts depending on the amount of segments you have set, which external renderers support.

Thanks for that. I gave that a go, but it still didn’t show up in Lux Renderer! I tried giving it a material etc, but it just shows up as a cube, not rendering the strands, even after being converted.

Is it something to do with the segments? How many would I need?

EDIT: I have tried with 2, 10 or 50 segments, no luck. Using blender 2.48a (2.49 hasn’t done anything to help this has it?)

I think Yafaray supports hair, I may be wrong…

It doesn’t.

Converted hairs are edges which will not render. You will have to extrude the converted edges to make them faces.

yep, yafaray is a no go as well. That is a pain!! The blender hair system rocks, but I want to use it in combination with a ray tracer so that I can make more realistic materials than in blender. Are there any other solutions around?

You could model a single instance of a hair, or a few hairs and use the particle system’s object visualisation. Yafaray will render that, but obviously it will involve a lot more vertices and therefore more RAM.

EDIT - Actually, there is a way to render hair with Yafaray, but it might be complicated.

Earlier versions of Yafaray integrated with Blender differently. It involved replacing the Yafray code in Blender’s source with Yafaray code. It can still be done, but this method does not work with current versions of Yafaray, so you would have to build the special Blender version and run it with an older Yafaray version. Also, I’m not sure if it will exactly replicate the way hair looks in Blender as the integration is not 100%, so some of Blender’s tools may not be available.

I made this with it a long time ago:-