Hair in the wind

I create a path, setting up the weight on its vertex and adding a softbodies to it.Then I parent it to a sphere. I create an empty and adding a wind to it and setting up its strenth.The problem is when I hit alt-A the first 10 frame the wind affect the spline like real wind but then the spline (or path curve) stay straight on the direction of the wind.Is there a way that the wind affect the path continously or something like turbulance like in 3ds max ?

You could fix this by either animating the position of your “wind” object, or by animating the strength value of your wind with an IPO. (I saw a video tutorial using the IPO method, but it appears to be offline, now.) I might have it lying around on my HD…I’ll check and see if I can get it uploaded for you.


edit Here’s the tutorial: 27 MB XVID, I believe. Sorry I had to use a free host. BTW, the last few minutes of the tutorial should be what you need about using an IPO for the wind.

for a smaller video try greybeareds, one was quite brilliant and indepth but i honestly cant remeber which on or try the soft body one which give a breife look at it ands only 8mb

how did you add weight to the path? i am trying to make a path for particles to follow and i want to set a weight to the path and add a softbody so that it will act with gravity and wind etc. Coud you try to explain in a bit more detail please?

Also here is a file containing a blend file named wind, it has an example of wind with ipo curves, the wind also changes direction

Id really appreciate your help

Hi stafanhartman,sorry for being too late for replying.If you still don’t know how to apply weight to a path.First you need to have the most recent blender.Create a path (add-curve-path),still in edit mode make it look like a curve hair (bend it a little).Then select each vertex and press “W”,a screen will apear,select “set goal weight”.The vertex near to the scalp (head) need to be 1.0000, and at its extremities approximately 0.8000.After that return to object mode.You can parent it (the path) to an sphere and then animate the sphere.Then add a softbody to the path and near to use goal on the softbody panel press the little “w”. You can adjust it to make it simulate like a hair.Press alt-A. Amazing.You can add static particle to it too by making it a curve guide and adding particle static to the sphere.