Hair Info Node, Thickness for Cyles Hair

I’m having a play with cycles hair rendering, so just for fun, has anyone an example of how to use the “thickness” attribute from the hair info node?
(Not from the particles panel)

I haven’t tested yet but the first thing that comes to my mind is to make the hair more or less transparent depending on the thickness or to tune the colors. I guess it’s time google “hair” and to find out what influence on the aspect of the hair has its thickness.

Blender really makes us study things we never thought we would… :wink:

mmm, its usage not understanding of why. So, say if I plug thickness into a the fac of a mix shader, I get normal results of a 0.5 mix. If I plug thickness into a colorramp and then into a diffuse, I get full single colour rendered.

BTW, Shape = 0, Root = 0.1, Tip = 1 (so the hairs are an upsidedown cone shape)