Hair is coming off??

Hello, this is my first post here. I am reading Tony Mullen’s Introducing Character Animation with Blender.

I have my model and have set up my rig. However, the hair / scalp does not follow along with the rest of the head when it is animated. I was able to parent everything else or attach it to the rig directly, but the hair just wants to hang in space.

Screen shots are attached.

Thank you for your replies in advance!


parent the hair to the scalp. im not very good with this so im not exactly sure

Thanks for the reply Brados.

unfortunately that did not seem to work. Any other suggestions anyone?

Is the scalp mesh a separate object, with its own proper name, or is it a disconnected piece of the main character mesh? If you didn’t separate it from the character mesh, you should check to see if it’s weighted properly to the same vertex group as the head.


It is actually a seperate mesh. I have attached 2 more images that show the same as before but without the body mesh.

I tried to include the Blend file itself but it was too big


you gotta weight paint the base mesh of the hair with the head bone selected.

Make sure you are in pose mode - select the head bone - then select the body mesh and go to weight paint mode - then paint that bugger with a solid weight of 1 and it should follow the bone around.

When you say base mesh, you mean the emitter right?

I did do that, the emitter is quite red in weight paint mode, attached to the head bone. And the emitter moves along with the armature, its just the hairs that stay still.

I tried painting directly on the hair to no avail.

Have you made the hair system a Soft Body (SB)? I’ve found that if the particle system is set up for SB sim but has no cache data (like when the sim hasn’t been baked yet, maybe?), then this kind of thing will happen. If so, just deselect the “Soft Body” button in the Physics for the Scalp mesh. Your soft body specs (if you’ve set any) should persist even with the SB sim disabled. Once your body/head animation is finished you can then re-enable SB and bake your sim for the hair movement (I always do this as the last major animation step before rendering).

Thanks for your reply chipmasque, I have been following your Kata progress, truly awesome work! Thanks for your posts.

Unfortunately soft bodies were not the problem.

What would be the best way for me to make the blend file available? It is 15 MB and obviously too big to be uploaded to Blender Artists Forums.

I can upload it to my own site and post the link here, however I am not sure if that is allowed on this forum.

You could produce a “stripped-down” version that includes only the armature and scalp mesh, since that seems to be all that’s needed to show the problem. That should zip up to a small enough archive to attach (if that’s still allowed).

And thanks for the comment about Kata, 'tis much appreciated.