hair: is there a better way?

i’m making a fps and, i’m taking it out as it goes along. i’ve made a female character, but her hair looks terrible. here, screenshot

ican’t do the blendfile since i currently don’t have time

its actually pretty good but you could try the cloth sim method:eyebrowlift:

go to this link
for a tutorial go to this link

Her face looks a little masculine to me for some reason…

I’m pretty sure that you could find some better advice on another forum (image WIP probably).

Also… 12000 faces for a character is quite high. You’ll have to cut out quite a few of those to get good results in the game engine.

that was very useful for rendering animation, but i’m talkin in the GE, dudes. i tried soft body, but i can’t make the hair follow the head and still use the softbody physics.

Well, for starters, you should find a way to texture the edge of the hairline so that it doesn’t start so abruptly. Looking at some reference photos will help.

Hair that conforms to the head can be drawn directly onto the head- you only need to add separate polys if the hair needs to stand out (so only the ponytail part needs to be modeled).

Here’s a great tutorial on hair.