Hair job offer/help

Hey again guys, I’m making a short film and need someone to make the hair for some of our models (between one and 3 - not quite sure yet)

Any help would be appreciated.

The hair has to be either a particle system or mesh with an alpha map, but it has to be a soft body. I would prefer an alpha mapped mesh, as it would go with the style, but if you can only do a particle system, then thats fine. The most important thing is the softbody. The hair that needs to be made is long.

You know setting up alpha hair isn’t that hard, theres tons of tutorials on it and it would render a lot faster then long particle hair.
Since you picked up the clothes, why don’t you try doing that as well?
The more skillls you pick up the better.

im pretty sure that, with time, i could do it - but im really busy with many many many other things… im juggling so many scenes and animations, the poster, the trailer, and trying to find people to help me out… theres already so much to do
cire 792, i dont suppose you could help us out? if its not that hard then it shouldnt take that long either.

I’m not really up to it right now.
I have my own projects I’m working on, and I’m just dealing with another issue.