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Ondrej, to jest niesamowite !
Bede jeszcze jakies ciekawe skrypty od Ciebie ?

Hello, Lokhrn, I m testing this add on and I findd it very useful and clever. Preset (material, particles, nodes) are something really needed in Blender and your script is a starting answer.
But may I suggest a better place, the toolset is not a nice place for this imo. I m not a coder so i don’t if it is possible to reach the particles UI with python. If it is possible, why not placing it in the hair section with minor change.
Thanks for this.

looks like a great addon, Thanks!

more presets would be be great or a way to add share our own.

example of some presets that might come in useful.

animal fur, human body hair (black curly), blonde light facial hair.

This looks great - worth building on for more presets :slight_smile:

Great work Lokhorn, keep it up.

Great. You proberly have lots of idears you want to implement. How about a button for quickly adding gravity to the particles?

Thanks for the comments!

I added blond hair and eyebrows

I plan to add fur and animated hair.

If you have your own interesting hair or fur, so please share your blend, and I will add it there. Or you can edit the script and add it there yourself.

Thanks but is there any reason why its so small compared to the default scene? seems to look better in the test scene you provided than it does if i just add the monkey then add hair to it.

i kinda agree… it would be cool to have a size x2 setting what would scale all the hair settings by 2x…
hair thickness etc…

this is a cool addon just needs some more love. :slight_smile:
i keep finding myself scaling down my objects, applying the hair,
scaling them back up then applying scale… (however this does not change the hair thickness and leaves really thin hair)

maybe in the presets have

long red hair
long red hair x2(bigger thicker root and tip strands)
long red hair x5(bigger thicker root and tip strands)
short dark hair
short dark hair x2
short dark hair x5
curly brown hair
curly brown hair x2
curly brown hair x5
blonde eic… etic…

mrjynx: Yes it has a reason. 1 unit = 1 meter

Yes I am aware of this by the 3d text in the test scene. but what I was trying to point out was its a bit of an arkward way to have to work, scaling everything down so its tiny.

I thought 1 blender unit was the same size as the default plane.

I have tested this script in blender 2.75 (last buildbot) and it’s work fine, no problems.