Hair Lighting Problem: dark spot in direction of light source

Basically, it seems no matter what type of light (lamp, spot, etc…) I use and the render settings I use for hair (tangent shading, surface diffuse, etc…) I get a dark spot in my hair in the direction the light source is coming from (as seen in below image). This problem has me really confused because it even happens when I turn off shadows with some light sources.

I can minimize the effect by using multiple light sources or using settings like surface diffuse or tangent shading, but I can still see the effect occurring. I’ve been looking at blend files for Big Buck Bunny to see how they avoided the problem, but I don’t see how they did it.

Is there some option I’m over looking? Or, is this is just something that naturally happens do to the normals of the hairs being perpendicular to the light source?

NOTE: The below image is showing the effect. The settings used were just default settings. The only thing I changed was adding hair to one of the balls.


it looks to me like the hair are facing straight at the camera
and the light

looks normal to me

I agree with waylow. This is how short hair would behave in real life if you shone a light source directly at it. What you’re expecting to happen wouldn’t be natural.

Thanks for the input. I thought I might have been missing something, but it sounds like it is just the way it is.

if you edit the particles and give them a direction, it will look like hair/fur