Hair modelling

Is anyone aware of a good hair tutorial ? I have stumbled upon couple of hair/fur tutorials but they leave you to a hair ball which is good enough to start but not good enough to model hair on head and animate them. I have taken this so far after spending a lot of time . Still alot of work left in this, would appreciate any help/tutorial to guide me though the rest of the process. Aim is to have a full manga style hair ( pointed bunches ) , which can be finally animated .




I just stumbled over this documentation:

Maybe it helps.

The hair style seems pretty shocking to me! What kind of game are you working on?

David Ward has a phenominal series on his youtube channel
Its segmented into a number of episodes, so you can skip to the hair fragment.

CG-Tuts has a short series on hair as well
CG-Tuts also has a manga character series,

another hair method (particularly for game development) is planar style hair
not a blender tutorial, but explains the concepts well.

The same strategy, but a tutorial based in Blender 2.4x