Hair not actually curling...

I know there used to be a setting for this, but now I can’t find it in 2.79. The hair has smooth curves in the viewport render, and in particle edit, but the actual Render the curves are all straight angles. I thought the fix was in the material steps, which I’ve set to 6, but that didn’t help. Wasn’t it originally a setting where you switch from linear to ribbons? Not even sure if that was it. Obviously it’s different now. I’m attaching two images. The first is from about 2 years ago, where the hair was set correctly. The second is from today, and you can see the difference… What am I missing? Thanks for any help you can give me :wink:

In render settings under the geometry section you can change the hair type. Also make sure the render steps match the view steps in the particle settings.

Thank you! It was definitely the Geometry setting in Render settings… :wink: