Hair not following armature

A bit of a weird problem that just started, where certain parent strands of hair within an armatured mesh will not follow the deformation or do but behave oddly - like they are going the opposite direction.

This is not a modifier order problem - I have the armature at the top, and it’s only some parents that aren’t following, while others do within the same mesh. Hair dynamics are disabled, field weights are disabled, no collisions or force fields active…

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Using 2.81

Adding image as this is still unsolved:

As shown, there is one particle strand that does not follow the rest when I rotate the bone which controls the emitter mesh. It acts almost as though there is some real-time gravitational force present, despite no such thing existing in the blend file. I’ve also checked all of the particle’s weights, and there’s nothing unusual there either.

The only thing I know was done differently was that this strand was added later, along with strands on another seperate emitter mesh which are also behaving the same way (also visible in the image as the mess to the right of the stray particle)…