Hair not following character

I’m working with 2.79b, using the blender engine
I set up particle hair for the character.
The particle system modifier is below Armature and Subsurf.
I’ve cleaned the mesh (remove doubles & loose vertices) multiple times and then re-done the hair.

I’ve tried any number of settings (working on this 2 days now) without luck. I start running the animation and about 50 frames in it’s obvious the hair is no longer connected to the character.

I tried converting the particle system to mesh & had the same problem.

If I check “use Stack modifier” under Emission - the hair does some very interesting things.

my blend file:

Is there something I’m not seeing?

Are you baking the hair dynamics?

I tried baking the hair but it didn’t make any difference (that I could see). So, no. I’m not baking anything.