Hair not moving with wind force

Phew! I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately. Anyway, So I have a mesh with 3 particle hair systems.
One of them was created using a curve and the Hairnet addon. But for some reason, even when I have hair dynamics enabled, this one will not move. Any advice? Thank you in advance! :thinking:

The hair moves.

Just hit (ALT + A) to play activate time-line to watch your simulation :slight_smile:

That’s what strange… for some reason on my pc, that particular particle system doesn’t move even when I have hair dynamics enabled and play the animation…

So to clarify. You want the HAIR to move (?)

& it doesn’t work on your computer (?)

Yes, to have it be blown by the wind like the other particle systems.
And yeah, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work on my computer. Does it have to do with the fact I made it from a curve using the hairnet addon?

No. It fully works for me.
Perhaps it’s a Blender bug (?)

What version of Blender are you using (?)
I’m using 2.79a

I’m using 2.79 as well. Maybe it’s the cache or something?

Well I don’t know how to solve your problem apparently :neutral_face:
The best I could advice you is to report it as a bug.

Also are you playing the animation in the view-port or rendering it as a movie or photo (?)

Hm, okay.

I’m also playing the animation in the viewport.

Does your time-line have enough time to play the animation (?)

Enough time? Well, it just has keyframes for the wind force field up until about frame 100.

That’s correct then.

:thinking: Still can’t figure out what the problem is. Sorry.

No problem! Thanks for your help anyway. :slight_smile:

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