Hair not rendering

Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the Rendering and Lighting section. Anyway.

Essentially what I want to do is rotate this hair emitter object, but when I do that it doesn’t render any hair particles. It does render hair particles before I rotate the object, but not after. The hair seems to be displaying fine in the 3D viewport.

When I render it I get this:

So it’s rendering the emitter object. But should it be? I’m pretty sure I set it not to do that:

Insufficient infomation.

Basic things missing include:

  • Renderer ?
  • Render settings ?
  • CPU or GPU (Graphics card) ?
  • Blender version ?
  • Operating system ?
  • Material settings ?
  • Particle settings ?
  • Scene settings ?

Please post an example blend file that demonstrates the problem

LoL… judging by the amount of noise in that render, I would guess its cycles.
so… did you set up the hair shader correctly?

since its almost impossible to find a problem without looking at a blend, try digesting this information.

and see if you can pinpoint what went wrong.

Lol! Looks like I forgot to set the render feature set or whatever to Experimental when I imported the model… :frowning: