Hair on a nurbs path?


(moony) #1

Is it possible to get hairs to sprout from a nurbs path?

I want to create some christmas tinsel like in the image below.


I created this by extruding a nurbs path, adding a nurbs circle - then using the circle as the bevel object in order to make a thin tube that followed the path (the core of the tinsel). I then converted this tube to a mesh object and applied a hair particle system to sprout from the faces of the tube.

I would however like to do this without having to convert to a mesh first - since it will give me more flexibility in changing the shape and length of the tinsel on the fly. Unfortunately until I convert the nurbs path object to a mesh - the hair particle function appears unavailable.

Is there any way to do this?

(yogyog) #2

You could bend a mesh to a curve, and have that sprout the tinsel particles. Make sure you have the curve modifier before the particle modifier.

(moony) #3

That would work to modify the shape - but wouldn’t really help with the length.

I was hoping to be able to make a piece of tinsel that could be shaped and lengthened/shortened on the fly.

(yogyog) #4

There is an option in the curve modifier for it to stretch to the length of the curve.

(moony) #5

Ok - got it. I needed to use the array and curve modifier in conjunction.

Basically - create a smallish cylinder and make sure the ends aren’t capped. Apply the array modifier and set it to “Fit curve” to your path. Make the relative z offset 1 and ensure “merge” is ticked. Then just add the curve modifier to follow the same path in the Z-direction. You can now add a hair particle system which will sprout along the length of the tinsel (with the right settings of course). To change the shape/length of the tinsel, just modify the shape of the path or extrude it - making sure that if you make it longer/shorter, to change the number of particles to keep the density more or less consistent.

I have now got tinsel I can shape and make longer/shorter on the fly. Cheers

(edit: I have uploaded to blendswap if anyone wants to take a look - may take a few days to appear though as it’s in the moderation queue).