Hair on top of a head


I’m currently modelling my first head ever and have some problems with applying hair to a specific area! As you can see in the image the hair is not only on top of the head but everywhere. The problem is that I cannot select the desired faces and apply the particles on them cause then I see no particles at all. Don’t know why that is so. Do I have to duplicate the selected faces first and make them to an own object before applying particles? Can’t I use EditMode?

Hope someone can help me.


Forgot the image!


first you should recalculate normals - crtl-n
then assign a vertex group to the area where you want the hair. in particle buttons where it says VGroup type the name of the vertex group that you assigned

there are two ways you could go.
the first: select the faces on the top of your head you wish to emit the hair, duplicate it with shift-D and separate the faces into a new object with P now you have a new object for emitting the hairs that have a similar shape to the original head.
the second method is via vertex groups. you can assign vertex groups and use them to control the particle-emission. but im sorry, i cant remember how this exactly works…

ok. i was to slow :slight_smile:

you can assign vertex groups-select the faces you want to emit particles from, make a new vertex group, press assign, then go to your particle tab, beside “vgroup” put the name of the group you want them to emit from.
You can also use vertex painting.

Thanks for the replys so far. Already tried VertexGroups before but it didn’t work, maybe I did something wrong. Will try it again and if it won’t work I will duplicate the faces.


Yea vertex groups is definetly the way to go.

Here is a link to a bunch of video tutorials (hair/fur is the very last one, the one you want) and the guy shows you how to isolate the particles to one part of the object

Thanks all, it works!

Just forgot to assign the VertexGroup after creating it.