Hair particals, clothes (tifa), and questions.

This is my first time making clothes and hair so I really want to test my skills and see what I can do. I chose tifa’s clothes from FF7 since it has lots of flappy things and I like her character.

This is what I’ve done so far for the hair and clothes.
The model I used for the body is a very heavily modified variation of this model.
I can’t find where I got this free model from and if anyone could point me in the right direction, so I can give the creator due credit that would be great.

Here is a few questions I have please do comment.

  1. Should animated clothing like the cape on her back be at a 90° angle to the body so it will deform correctly when physics are added?

  2. Since particles take quite a lot of CPU/GPU (not sure which one blender uses) power to render. Is it possible to add the Cloth Modifier to polygonal hair to create the same effect of movement?

  3. What are the pros and cons of having clothes with volume and clothes without volume.

About rendering CPU/GPU resource taking, I can tell Particles handle a lot of vectors (a lot, if you use a Spherical Shaped Particle System it will be FILLED with vectors), but Poligonal sources will have vectors just in the surface. So, rendering polygons is far cheaper.

About the attachment… where is your model?

I can’t see any of your jpg attachments (probably because this forum disables that until you reach a certain amounts of posts like 10 posts or so to avoid spamming).

Use to upload photos and post here the link to them.

Sorry about the images I didn’t know the forum did that. Well here is the links to the images I also added them on my OP.