Hair Particle Animation Issues

Here is my source file:
Here is what the final render looks like:

From frame 1 to the end my grass is deflating. I tried combing it and keying the comb button to make it look like a breeze was blowing it, but there wasn’t anything I could key. I Got a red error message saying no keys were made, and shape morphs did nothing either. I tried using “I” in the timeline itself in different modes but the insert keyframe menu never popped up. I’m guessing gravity is pulling my grass down, but as I want the animation to loop I’d like to A) stop gravity from disrupting my grass and B) Animate it by combing it into keyframe positions and tell blender to key it.

Pretty sure you’ll have to use Hair Dynamics to animate your particle parent strands. You should be able to cancel out gravity there. Also, I’ve found it better to use a Force object (Wind) to get movement from the hair strands, since they are apparently not keyable. The result is not as controllable as keyframing but it does provide for some motion, at least. Prepare to spend time tweaking parameters to get exactly what you want.