Hair particle on a pretty face. Mid long hair.

:expressionless: Hope I am still doing good…

:wink: Last time I posted, the character had a bad hair day (see link to WIP below) . But I think it’s all right now.

hair looks pretty good. There’s still a couple things that could use evening out. Look at the base of the hair strands; they look pretty wierd.


Real nice model.
You could work more on the nose, cloth and maybe change the background color to something else.


PS: :x Stop making new thread, use the same one plz :wink:

The base of the hair looks weird, as someone already mentioned. But those eyebrows look great! I can never get eyebrows looking nice.

She looks Finnish.

Increase the amount of particles and do the alpha thing described here

I agree that the particles seem thicker at the skull so what you should do is check out the starting thickness in the strand button. (which is in the material buttons). I’d set the starting thickness barely thicker than the ending thickness. It shouldn’t even make a noticable difference but as I said on your WIP one of the best human models that has been on cg talk in a while.

Another thread was talking about how they created hair.

And they used a separate mesh to emit particals from so that they could avoid making strange looking hair roots like you have aquired…

I think that they duplicated the head, deleted all faces except the crown of the head, scaled it down and hid it slightly below…

Anyway nice work so far!

:smiley: Thanks for all the comment. I used a separate mesh to do the hair because the emitter mesh become invisible anyway…

:expressionless: I think I have to add a texture to the scalp… because I can’t seems to achieve the fuzzy feeling you have when looking at the limit between scalp and hairs :slight_smile:

About the opacity, it is possible to set the particule size to 0.25, which seems to give the same effect :wink: