hair particles appearing outside assigned vertex groups

I am having a problem confining my hair particles strictly to the assigned vertex groups. I’m trying to apply a clear definition between red and white fur, but the hair particles bleed into the adjoining faces of the other colour. When I create the vertex groups it all looks correct, but in weight paint mode the edges look fuzzy blending into each other and occupying the next row of faces which I dont want it to do - I guess this explains the hair problem, but I cant figure out how I can assign vertex groups with sharp edges - the attached image shows what is happening I hope - is there a setting I am missing?

Any help would be very much appreciated - its frying my brain!

  1. Assign vertex groups for each system.
  2. Use interpolated children.

Thankyou, yes I have assigned the vertex groups and I initially check the them by deselecting and selecting and it all works, but the problem is although it keeps the shape of the vertex group the hair always bleeds into the next (ands only the next) adjoining faces (outside of the vertex group). I use interpolated children also.

Maybe this will help; it allowed me some control, but I am no expert. I added a ring (ctrl r) and brought it up next to the edge. You might need two rings to separate the different areas, just play around. I think that the hair will always radiate from the vertex so this just keeps the space that it is allowed to radiate to a minimum and should provide a ‘clean’ edge (unless you use a lot of hair and zoom really close). Hope it helps.

That’s is a good idea, Thankyou very much, it at least allows me to control the hair to some degree