hair particles are noisy when movin camera

hallo community
i have got a problem and i have really no idea how to solve it.
I want a wall of fur in my movie, the camera slowly moves towards the wall.
But in the animation there is always a lot of flickering noise, looks like some sort of OSA problem, but i have checked all the settings.

i post just a very simple .blend file with camera and wall, if you animate it you will quickly see what i mean.
thank you


noisehairtest.blend (801 KB)

HI, I seem to have a similar problem. Did you ever solve yours?

i forgot but i have tried out again and send you a modified file of my first one, i switched strand render on in the particle section and i changed the settings in the strands section in the materials and it looks much better, hope that can help you


noisehairtest2.blend (801 KB)

I often have the problem with the flickering hair / grass particles with a moving camera… I narrowed it down to nothing in the scene but one sun light with raytraced shadows and one plane with grass growing on it, and still had the flickering on the strands until I did this one thing that worked: Disable ‘receive shadows’ for the material used for the particles. Of course you can also just disable shadow rendering altogether, but that has a drastic affect on your scene. Basically it seems to me like it’s something to do with the way shadows are computed on static particles.

I have the same problem, but where on the panel is the botton: Recieve shadow???