"Hair" particles below the plane

How do I get them “onto the surface” instead of them being half way in the plane? (they are trees)

thanks all.

I had to deal with a large particle system once, and mine were also under the plane !
The only way i could think of is converting them into an editable mesh (in modifier’s tab) then join them all Ctrl J and adjusting the position on Z axis. Maybe you could also try out some other seed values (in the particle system tab).

For some reason you’ve decided to crop your screenshot, so removing plenty of useful information, as well as not supplying s demo blend file !

Ensure the face normals of the emitter or pointing in the correct direction
Ensure the origin of the particle object is at its base, that’s where the object will align on the emitter.
If he origin of the tree object is up in the branches how do you expect blender to know to put the bottom on the tree trunk on the surface of the emitter

Do you have a sub-surface modifier on ? If so you might want to try and apply it. Also try clicking on ‘Use modifier stack’ in the particle system, that should work…

Your origin is in the center of the particle object, so they will be placed halfway in the ground. It should be at the base along the x axis. On your particle object, tab into edit mode, select all verts and move it on the x axis.

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Yup apologies if I didn’t provide enough details, and no I don’t have a modifier on. But thanks for the help it was the origin problem indeed. Thanks guys!

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When you added the plane, you scaled it to the negative axis and the normal (the side that faces up normally) inverted too. Scale it to the other way around and it will fix it.