Hair particles crashing on OSX 10.10

Recently upgraded one of my Mac’s to OSX 10.10.

I (tried to) render a scene with lots of hair particles on Blender 2.73 and it crashed.

Updated to Blender 2.74, still crashes… after a while I tried fewer particles, it crashes around 10k particles. I have 16 GB of memory and only used up 3GB so I was no where near my max (even with more than 10k of hair particles).

I tried the same sources on Linux, Blender 2.74, no crashes.

Is there a known problem with hair particles (over a certain amount) with OSX 10.10 Yosemite?

Seems like it starts to crash when it gets “hairyer” on OSX, and this did not happen when I was running Snow Leopard (same sources).

To reproduce, new scene, Quick Fur, and go to particles and increase the amount on OSX 10.10, it will start to crash when you render at full HD after a certain amount, for me it was around 10k. I have one scene with 100k, that will crash.