Hair particles edit crushes and destroy blendfile

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone had same problem. Recently I add some particle hairs and my blendfile now like to crash and that is ok, what’s worse is that it won’t open at all after crash, I see console for 0.1 sec and it disappears.

I can attend everything but when I attend whole scene and change to it - blender crushes and won’t open.

I had it few times in that weird way that it worked fine, then after pc restart it didn’t open.

I have another working copy of my project, 1 day previous version. I open it and save as another blend for safety. I discovered if I take my hair particles and change to particle edit mode - it crash (yes, and will not open)

Anyone know what can be wrong? It reaaaally bothers me, I can’t finish my work.

Hope someone will help

I can’t attach it, I don’t know why, so I uploaded this “broken” blend ziped on zippyshare. (hope I can write url, I don’t have much posts)

Link to zippy:
(8.35 mb)

my pc:

i7 4770k 4Ghz
gtx 770
2 x 8gb ram
win 7 x64

Blender 2.71
2014-06-25 18:36
Hash: 9337574


I think I repaired it by trying everything: It seems to be some kind of Hair dynamics bug.

My solution is:

  1. disable Hair dynamics
  2. Switch to edit particle mode
  3. Enable Hair dynamics

Now, everything should be ok and work perfectly.