Hair particles emitted outside mesh

I am trying to make a curled hair to a female model.

The problem is, as soon as I assign children to the hair particle system, the hair start emitting some distance from the emitting mesh. The problem seems to get worse (hair emitting farther from the mesh) when I do combing.

I found this on the net, but these answers don’t seem relevant.

I have applied all my modifiers to the mesh (mirror and subserf). I have used weight paining to select emitting faces.

These are my settings:

if the emitter object has some modifier of the ‘Generate’ type then you should activate ‘Use Modifier Stack’ on particles.
Now that the hair is combed the option is grayed out, but if you temporaly disconnect the hair, you should be able to set the option on.
And of course particles must be the last in the modifier stack.


If you uncheck b-spline and the hairs sit atop the scalp you could try raising the number of keys of each particle. This should place the hair close to if not touching the scalp when b-spline is enabled. Make sure if you do change the keys that it is a higher number before confirming. The option is under the particle menu in particle edit.

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try lowering the radius on the children (simple children only)

Thank You for your answers, but I still couldn’t make it.

I have applied all my modifiers, so activating “Use Modifier Stack” did not help…

Lowering the radius of the children seems just to reduce the number of children. At 0 there are no children and above it there is more and more children, but floating above the mesh.

I am sorry, but I didn’t understand beetdabrat’s answer concerning particle keys. I am not familiar with keys regarding particles. Just unchecking the b-spline didn’t help.

Could I do this curly hair thing perhaps without children as this seems to generate the problem?

Post your blend file.

engineer_barnier11_messed_hair.blend (2.0 MB)

Sorry for the delay, here is the .blend file.

Excuse me the eye-hurting topology, I will correct it as I get the hair working!

In display tab, increase the steps to 4 or 5 (for smoother hair)

in children, kink/curl lower the amplitude from .2 to ~.02

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That seems to help!

So, because of curl amplitude, some hair started 0.2 BU away from the mesh and now they start at most 0.02 BU.

Is there any way, that I could start the amplitude from 0 at the base of the hair and then increase the amplitude towards the end of the hair? I guess that if not, I have to just comb the whole hairdo.

Thanks for your assistance!

Try switching from simple children, to interpolated.

Yep, that did the trick for me. Thanks!