Hair particles glitch: strands looping back into root

Strands appear on the viewport as if coming back to their roots. The glitch only starts to occur after increasing the number of children above about 150.

Edit: included image for clarity:

Glitch consisting of column of hair strands coming back from the tips into the roots.

It’s because the roots are too close to the surface. Children will add particles around the general area of it’s parents. With the roots being on the surface, it’s going to have some children spawn offset from that, and appear floating.

Generally speaking, you want your root particles to be inside your geometry, and pointing inwards. This is normally done by default anyway, but it looks like you’ve turned off the setting which keeps the root in place.

Try selecting the root verts for the hair, and moving them downwards and that should fix it. Make sure Preserve Root Position is ticked, to make sure that they stay where they are put.

The glitch that I was referring to was not about the floating roots, although that was a problem too, it was about this column of hair strands that rises from the tips and goes back to the roots. I should have been clearer.

Ah, sorry…I missed the giant pointing arrow lol

So it’s a similar problem. Child hairs will follow the shape of their parent. This particular clump is likely following a parent hair which is very close to the skin, and so it’s spawning around it, and then going inside, becuase the children have no idea where geometry is. Make sure you give the parent strands plenty of breathing room. If you find some child hairs are still poking through geometry, then turn children on in the combing settings, and adjust just that hair until the children aren’t poking through. Either that, or delete the offending hair. Your particular issue does look like it’s coming from a single parent strand.

It is happening with every single particle, not just one. I separated the particles from the skin, does not seem to have anything to do with intersecting geometry. I will just start over and pray.