hair particles in truespace 3.2?

can the free version of truespace (truespace 3.2) generate hair particles? if not, then can it read hair particles via import?

Why use truespace 3.2? It’s very (very) out dated and really don’t hold a candle to Blender right now or any other rendering application for that matter.

because animating in blender is EXTREMELY complicated!!!

No, actually, I quite like Blender’s rendering system.

I thought Maya’s was easy but after using it, I realise how faster it was with Blender!

For instance, when I wanted to modify an animation of an object along its path, I had to go to Panel > persp > persp in Maya and everytime I wanna play back and watch the animation via the camera’s view, I keep having to Panel > Persp > Camera.

In Blender?

  • All I need to press is " 0 " (zero) and I’m in camera view.

Getting something to track was a nightmare in Maya too.

Maybe it’s just me I don’t kow but Blender felt more smoother even though it’s lacking a thing or two, here and there in terms of animations.