Hair particles pointing all toward -z axis

All was going well & dandy until a few objects in and then suddenly my hair particles went nuts. The hair suddenly all started to be emitted facing down on the -z axis rather than from verts, faces or volume. As I recollect I had not touched any keys between objects nor did I click any additional options.

I also noticed I had some straggling verts on some objects once I had imported a .svg and solidified it. I went into edit mode and once edit mode was clicked the verts jumped toward the center of the object.

Im at a loss and this is for a school project due next week. Ive reinstalled blender hoping that it would reset all settings and began my project from scratch but the particles continue to face down. Or if I “use modifier stack” the particles do emit for all faces but the strands being emitted from the sides are not able to use the brownian effect, which I need to complete my project.

Any advice is welcome,
Thank you!