Hair particles problem

Hello everyone… I was modeling a head for past hours, and now, when ive retopologized my mesh, i can’t add the hair the way it should be adding… Im not sure what’s wrong… I applied scaling and checked the normals, but they’re all fine… What could be wrong?

Here’s a short video of how everything goes…

Early thanks.

First off all.
Please show us the mesh your trying to add hairs on and also its modifier stack.
Please also let us know if you have any weight group.

  1. your face density may be uncorrect, or not even.
  2. all hair are pointing outward, so it’s not a problem of normals.

Please post screenshots of your mesh, it will be easier to analyse.

Thanks for mentioning modifiers, when i move hair before subsurf it works fine. Thanks! :slight_smile: