Hair particles rendering at a limited range?

continuing from my previous thread, I’ve figured out just about everything, but my hair particles won’t render past a certain distance, I’ve tried increasing my camera’s end clip distance, but this happens in the viewport too so it’s likely not a problem with my camera settings, I don’t think I should have to provide a screenshot as this should be more than enough context, but I can provide another screenshot if necessary, though I’m still new here so I can’t provide my blend file

man I’m gonna be stuck like this forever :disappointed:

You are not providing enough information.

The suggested solution in this case would be to try and replicate the problem in a fresh scene with a basic mesh and test particle up.

Then try and see what it different.

Maybe you can sort it.

If not try and edit your scene so you can be ok to share it. Zip it and upload so we can take a look.

If you can’t find the setting that is causing this, you could put it all in a collection save your file and the open a new file then append the collection.

See if the scene got corrupted.

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More info is needed.
There are two different hair system. Old one with Hair particles and new one with Curves object.
There are two different render engines. If it is a bug, it may be specific to one.
For each render engine, there are two types of hair primitive shape : Strand/Strip or 3D Curves/Rounded Ribbons.
So, render may be different from viewport according hair primitive shape and hair primitive radius.
Hair may be hard to distinguish from emitter surface at low resolution, if its material is similar to the one from emitter surface or if lighting is bad.

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I’m using cycles as a render engine and the old fashioned hair particles as a hair system, not sure what primitive shape and radius are, but I’ll try increasing resolution because it’s not a problem with my lighting

thankfully my account age is now old enough to upload files, but the site is acting up and being stuck at 0%, also I’m marking this as nsfw in advance due to the nature of my project and the model used in it

With old system of particle, you have to check if renderability of particle system is not disabled, in modifier’s tab or particle system list.

In Particles tab, you have to check Render panel.
Is the material the correct one ?
Is Timing messed up ? End of path should be at 1.

You should check Hair Shape panel, too.
There is a Root and Tip diameter.
Hair Shape set to 1 corresponds to an hair primitive, that has a radius that decrease quickly to Tip diameter.
On the opposite, an hair shape se to -1 corresponds to an hair primitive, that conserves Root diameter almost until reaching the tip.

If mass of hair at that distance is sufficient to be thicker than one pixel, it should be rendered.
If hair particles are too distant to produce a mass and too thin, they should not be rendered.

this isn’t a problem with renderability, because when my viewport is close up, the hair does render, and hair shape doesn’t seem to be a problem either because it still won’t render even when several times larger, in fact, the hair strands being too big were what was causing my first issue

I’d certainly like to learn more about curves, given it’s less of a hassle to set up than the particle system

New Curves object system is very different.
Basically, new system is using independent objects instead of modifiers.
But hair material is the same, hair primitives shapes and radius are still important.
For the moment, hair generation is just editing of Curves object.
But in 3.5, geometry nodes will be available for that. And that will correspond to many more settings than in old system.

interesting. though I’ve only seen 3.6 experimental available. is there any hope for me in the current, stable version I’m using (3.4.1) or will I have to pick around for 3.5 experimental and hope that the new and updated curves system will be my saving grace?

You can use Curves object in 3.3 or 3.4. It is usable.
These releases just don’t have Interpolate Curves geometry node, that allows to generate Curves from scratch.
So, in 3.3 and 3.4, user has to create curves using Density or Add brushes in Sculpt mode.

There is also no physics solver associated to that object.
But globally, rendering part is the same as old hair particles system.
It is just less complicated with less settings in 3.3 and 3.4 than it will be with nodes in 3.5.

So, if you have a rendering bug, issue with old system ; that is possible that you encounter the same kind of issue with new system.
But basically, if problem comes from a messed up render setting, there is more chance that dealing with Curves, in 3.3 or 3.4 will lower that risk.

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I managed to create curves, but I’m facing several problems

  1. I can’t seem to change the curve mesh’s texture to match that of the particle system I previously had

  2. I can’t for the life of me find out how to access curve sculpt, no matter what I select, the interaction mode is missing

  1. You just have to reuse same material.
  2. Ctrl Tab should give you access to a pie-menu. You should be able to change mode in header of 3D View. That is the only mode, different from object mode, available for that object type.

I am wondering if you added the correct object. You need to have your mesh selected and then go to add menu > Curve > Empty Hair.

I probably didn’t add the correct object then, I just converted my particle systems into curves via the modifier properties menu

That is weird.
Modifier’s UI only contains a Convert to Mesh button. Although, that is not correct object type, meshes have a sculpt mode.

In particles tab, there is ability to convert particles to Curves object, in popover menu below +/- buttons.
And just after conversion, that is correct object that is selected.