Hair particles rendering only in one eye when rendering stereo

Hi! I am rendering a few panoramic stereo images with blender 2.8. The problem I am having is that all the particles systems I have in the scene (mainly used to scatter stuff like trees, plants and grass) are visible only in the left eye, which is the first one rendered. In the right eye all the particles systems are gone completely.

Anyone knows if this is a known bug or if there is a solution? Thank you in advance!

Did you ever solve it ?
I’m having the same issue on 2.92


Unfortunately as far as I know that bug was never solved. I had the same problem last year and the bug was still there. I haven’t tried anything like that in 2.92 lately, I am not working with stereo images at the moment.

I can’t remember well, it might be that the problem was happening only while rendering from command line, but I might be mistaken there.

For sure one work around i sto manually set two cameras instead of using the blender built in stereo camera function, but I understand this might be problematic depending on your needs.

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HI thanks for replying. kinda lame that they’re not fixing it, huh.
the dual cam setup is super annoying, cause I need a lot of different shots.

Yeah , that wasn’t an option for me either, because of the same reason. Are you rendering via command line or f12?

I’m rendering by hitting F12

I have the feeling it could just be some unticked box hahaha.

do you mean that it might be not a bug, but just an option to change?