Hair particles with mirror modifier not being mirrored

I’m currently working on a head mesh and I’m trying to give it some hair. Right now the head is still being mirrored with the mirror modifier so I can make changes more easily changes to the shape if needed. Unfortunately particle hair isn’t affected by the mirror modifier. That means only the one “real” half of the mesh has growing emitter hair particles, the other side (mirrored) does not emit any hair particles.

Changing the modifier stack didn’t help. Is this a bug, a feature or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think you can use mirror for hair. When was last time you seen a guy with perfectly mirrored hairstyle?

Just select the head faces where hair grows, duplicate it, and apply the mirror so that you get full meshes. Then do the hair thing.

Go to the modifiers for your object, and make sure the mirror modifier is above the particle system modifier. If this doesn’t work, I think you could call it a bug.

Yes, it didn’t work when changing the stacking order. Well, I just applied the miror modifier to my mesh and used the mirror function in particle mode.