Hair particles won't bend all the way down

hello, im sculpting a horse and trying to add mane and tail now.
so i know im supposed to use the comb tool to brush the hair to the shape i want.
it works fine even with bigger amount of hair but it wont bend all the way down? it just gets stuck at a certain point and flies to the sides instead and wont continue down. same with the tail
i tried to subdivide the amount of points but it changes nothing. the hair go all the other direction but just not fully down?

PS: im only like 4th day in Blender and this is my first post here so i may miss something… also apparently new users cant upload attachments so i cant upload my file here either, sorry…

Firstly, always apply your scale before doing any grooming (ctrl-a), that can cause all kinds of issues.

There’s a deflect emitter distance in the brush settings, double check if that value isn’t too high (you can also disable it all together, it’d make combing more tedious though).

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ohh the deflect emmitter seems to be the issue, i unchecked it and now i can bend it all i want. thank you so much!

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