Hair Probleeems!

ok, heres a character that im working on…how do i fix his hair??

wash, rinse, repeat.

what do you think is wrong with it?
to thin?

I’d recommend head and shoulders!

or maybe rogain
I have the same thinning problem on my character, I mean my head

Ok seriously!
Wash, rinse head 'n shoulders??

Havent you noticed that the hair is waaaay spread out, like the hair is too far from the head

I’d go with either more or thicker particles, probably just more…but it all depends on the look you want.

Sorry man, but it just that I didn’t know what exactly was the problem. What is your desired effect?

I think you should post a blend file, if you can, and a “target result” to aim to. Me myself am no expert particulitian, but maybe can sort something out.

btw, that’s some really nice simple character.

Ok. One technique to fix hair is to use a separate mesh inside the head for an emitter.

Another is to put an emitter mesh and it’s curve guides on separate layers, so a curve guide does not affect nearby hairs (set the guide to only affect particles on the same layer.) That way you can have overlapping layers of hair.

A third technique is to adjust the maximum influence and miminum influence values of the curve guides so they keep the hairs in their area of influence completely under control, so you can put the hair where you want it.

Been messing with partcles recently, and I found there are 2 ways to make hair grow:

  1. Increase the Normal attribute
  2. Increase the Life attribute.
    Normal seems to make the hair grow straight out, Life seems to increase the length while still letting the Force settings pull the hair down.

Take this with a pinch of salt though cos i’m having particle problems myself now… If anyone knows what’s causing the spotting issues I’m having in this thread:
Please comment there, it would me much appreciated
Read dat and you will know pretty much all you need to know to help yourself =3
best hair tut eva.

Lol that usually works xD