Hair problem & how 2 do eyes ( not pixar style )

I am currently attempting to model my first humanoid character and have problems with the static particles. They are emitted from a vertgroup and are tectured fine. My problem is that when I add a bezier curve and make it a curve guide, it has no effect whatsoever on the hair :-?

Also, does any1 know a good tut for creating eyes, not the Pixar one, I want something hellish not cartoony ( is gonna be a masked psycho after all )

okay, I found some tuts on eyes to try out.
Please does any1 know why the curveguide doesn’t work?
I can post a .blend if someone tells me how

H4X provides free hosting of Blender related files here:

Are your curve guide and particle system on the same layer?


Thanx 4 the link :smiley:
Yes, they are on the same layer

Okay, heres the link to my .blend (I hope)

I can’t get the blend file as the link doesn’t work for me. To fix curve guides, try opening a new scene and appending the old file - just append the scene object and the whole file comes in, then delete the default scene. Curve guides failed to work for me on one of my files and that sorted them out.

As for eyes, I now model eyes as complete objects and not separated like the Pixar eye tutorial. Basically two spheres, the outer one is a clear glaze coating and the inner one you can just texture with a single image. This should give you less aliasing at the boundary of the cornea.

The Pixar eye is not intended to be just cartoon-like, it is a geometric template that you can use to make look however you want. You just need to use more realistic lighting and textures.

When I used your file and added a curve, it added it to ONLY the second layer. :-? Try adding a curve guide to the layer that has your particles, i.e. put your particle emitter on layer one, only have layer one selected, and then add a curve guide to layer one. Hope this helps, it worked on my end.:slight_smile:


Thanx, that works now. :smiley:
Sigh, I can finally do his hair now…