Hair Problem in modeling

I have a make human model and I have a problem with the hair I add hair as plan and when I join with the body the hair will be with body (the hair disappear )

when I make it parent to the bone of the model it will not moved when the character move (the hair not connect with the model )

Pleaseā€¦ what I can do?:frowning:
I hope there is a solution.


Sounds like the parent is parenting the armature entirely rather than a single bone.

In pose mode, try selecting the hair object, then the skull bone (the bone should glow a different colour in pose mode), then press CTRL + P. Select a weighing method from the menu that pops up and your object should follow the head of your character.

thanks, but I cannot select the hair in Post mode can you explain it again please.

Select the hair first then the bone object, pose mode should automatically enable.