Hair Problem

I’m fairly new to blender and this is my first attempt at a human head. I can’t figure out why when I make hair it turns out like in the picture.
I just want it to come straight out from the head in all directions.
Please help


I would guess that:

  • You have defined forces that effect the particle/hair paths under ‘Particle Motion’. Change all to ‘0’ (zero) under ‘Particle Motion / Force’).
  • You have defined a curve guide thats pushing the hair along its own form. Remove the guide (under Fields And Deflection)

If playing with the above doesn’t help, simply delete the particles (under ‘Particle’), and then create them again… If that doesnt help, it means that the normals of the head mesh are pointing in strange directions, then try selecting only the head mesh, and press CTRL+N to recalculate normals outside.

I hope this helps.

Recalculating the normals fixed everything.

I think you should keep it the way it is. dude looks like he’s on meth!

I think it’s a girl, lol ^^

Nice anyway, m8. :slight_smile:
Way better then i could ever do =>