hair problem

not quite exactly a test, but kinda is
anyway, i’m having a problem with blender hair
i have a plane, with hair, but the hair refuses to start anywhere but above the surface
how do i fix this?
the dark gray is showing where the plane is



What version of Blender are you using?

blender version 2.49

I’m not sure why, entirely. Although I know for a fact that turning ‘strand render’ on will fix most of that problem.

Polygon hair, see, which is what hair usually is rendered as, has to be interpolated like a curve, and added to memory, and the amount of steps that you add determines the resolution of the final hair strand, and also how close, I guess, the strand starts to the base (pretending that the curve is nurbs interpolated, I guess, which would explain it) but if you use strand rendering, the hair particle is drawn per pixel, on the fly, which means that there’s no resolution problem (where to start, where to end) because it’s DRAWN per pixel, like the curve is drawn from the data, which means that there’s no reason for it to have any problem with resolution, and subsequently there’s no reason for it to have to have any more points than past the root(which is impossible), if that makes any sense.

And if it doesn’t, then I’m sure someone can do a better job of explaining it than I can, but suffice it to say, turning on strand render should work.

EDIT: and don’t turn on ‘b-spline’ if you can help it.

Are you using bspline interpolations?
Try to disable it,this is a problem as blender interpolations for hair doesn’t use endpoint kind of bspline,bspline algorithm work in that way

ok, thank you
it all works, now
before it wouldn’t render the specularity on strand render, and it was leaving a gap also
now both are working properly, so i don’t know what was wrong

Keep in mind that specular doesn’t work well,it’s buggy.
Tangents aren’t computed well,the more long is the strand,more acceptable are the results.