Hair problems

I have a problem with my hair :}

See the two images, I am trying to get hair out of a portion of my mesh and I am sure I am doing all the right things, I have a vertex group and I assign it a name and I use it in the vertex section of the hair particle system but it’s just sprouting out of places it shouldn’t and not out of places it should. I have recalculated normals and played around with various settings and deleted/recreated vertex groups and particle systems to no avail. Any thoughts anyone?


A couple of suggestions:

  1. After any edits to a vertex group used by the Particle System, refresh the linkage by re-selecting the Vertex Group from the list in the Particle System context. It won’t automatically update in all instances.
  2. Sometimes just switching from Object to Edit Mode and back may do the trick.
  3. Save the file under a new filename, close it, reopen it and see if the new VG is recognized.
  4. Use an alternative method to limit the Particle System – if you select the Texture context while in the Particle System context, you can assign an image texture that can act as a mask for that system’s particle hair Density, where black = none, white = full density. This requires UV-unwrapping and most likely Texture Painting but it is extremely versatile. Such image maps can also be used for controlling hair length and other parameters, in the Influence section of that particular Texture context.

Check your vertex group and make sure it assigned the proper faces by hitting select and deselect. If the vertex group is working properly it should blink off and on. And yes like chipmasque said, sometimes you have to go down to density and re-select your vertex group again to get it to update.

Okay, so I mucked about with it for a bit without any joy, and then I tried using length instead of density and that worked and then i tried density again and i t didn’t work and then I tried length and interpolate and it worked and then I changed to density with interpolate and it worked, got it…

Strange, but true

whoops, spoke too soon, as soon as I go into particle mode, the problem comes backh

If you can post your .blend file it can be looked at more closely. Otherwise it’s just informed guesswork what might be the issue.

Okay, the problem was that I had the particle system following a subsurf modifier, moving the particle system up above the subsurf solved the problem. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Duh, I should have mentioned that! I’ve also run into that problem. I don’t think the Image Texture option has the same issue though, have to check on that. Anyway, glad you found the culprit.