Hair Question- Render Object follwing the hair curve?


How can I make the object I set in the hair particle section (Set to render) to follow how the hair bends?

or is this not possible?

Thank you

It can be done, but here’s the catch. Duplicate the part of the head that will be used for the hair. Then you will need to separate it into 5 different sections. One for the fringe(also known as bangs if you want any), one section for the top of the head, two more for the side of the hair and one for the back of the hair. Now for the styling of the hair, you can set it up to your favorite settings, but changes the segments to 20 or higher if you want it to follow a beizer curve or a path. For actually styling the hair, use a Beizer curve and press the Use button if you want to create separate stands and increase the Maximum Distance to make the hair as long as you want. Of course, this was just speculation.