hair raising problem!

The model came with separate hair.
i ctrl J joined them.
but when i animate the head, the model has a hair raising experience.
the hair does not move!
idea please!!!
thanks all


animateproblem.blend (964 KB)

Hmmm… well…

The hair isn’t following along because even though it is part of the same mesh, it is not assigned to a bone. Basically to fix it you need to assign the hair to the same vertex group as the bone you want it to follow… probably the head bone (aka Bone.003).

Naming your bones properly can really help out at times like this. Proper naming and organization is essential for managing complex scenes. And it will save you tons of time troubleshooting any problems that occur.

thanks but HOW do i assign the mesh to a bone?
i tried selecting the verts - but there was no way of perenting them to the bone.
also i need the head to nod and turn sideways - two bones. any problem there?
vers 2.48

ps the wiki thing is too confusing!

UPDATE i assigned the head and hair to bone 2
but i also need the head to turn side to side. no luck so far assigning it to the chin bone 3

just found out i can rotate the head by rotating the neck bone 2

Mission accomplished