Hair render different to my combing

Really need help on this one. Have no idea what the problem is. I’ve made a model in t-pose. I’ve rigged it, I’ve posed it. I’m applying the hair particle system. I added hair strands and combed them into place and added the children. Looks fine in preview but when I do a render test, The hairs and children are here there and everywhere. It’s a complete mess. When I close the render window, the model shows the hair in that messy state, until I go back to particle edit mode or click on something, it goes back to how it should be. I don’t intend to animate the model, just using it as an illustration/image. Please help :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look

Huh? Did you follow the link I provided? Does that show the same issue as you’re encountering or not?

And btw: Do you see the main difference between the thread I linked you to and yours? The OP in that other thread provided extensive imagery and a .blend file for us to examine, which lead to a helpful answer in no time. You on the other hand…:eyebrowlift2:

Yes, did the job thanks, I had my multiples turned off. only problem now is I can’t place hairs where I want on the mesh. If I click the angle ( for example ) it appears somewhere else at an odd angle. Grrr .

Helpful thank yes. But sarcasm isn’t.

Regarding my original post, and thanks to ikarishinji. The original problem I faced has been sorted. Thank you for the link and yes it was very helpful. Sorry for the confusion. Even though my post wasn’t filled with images and a .blend file.

I had the multires turned off. However this showed up another problem. After much playing around, I have fixed the problem, I just wanted to share this to help others in the same pickle.

basically, when adding a hair parent, it would appear in a completely different place on the model. Cutting a long afternoon short. It was all down to the modifiers layering. What seems to work now is the armature at the top, particle system in the middle and multires at the bottom. Hope that helps for other in the same situation.

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