hair rendering problem

I want to create some hair .

First problem is:
The hair have some few and i want see the skin of head.
But select Emiter and /or Col from Visualization the particle hair have color of skin head .
What should i do ?

Second :
I try setting hair particles value , but is a mess.
Have you any corecting settings ?

Thank you !

I had trouble trying to read what you want, but if I understand you correctly, then you’d have a few particles and select emitter, and if you want the hair to have the color of the head then you select Cola and be sure that you have the right material index.
As for this, it depends on what you want to do. I suggest playing with it until you find what you’re looking for.

I want the head to have one material and the hair other material.
And i need correct settings of the particle hair, because when i move the head the hair is a mess.
Sorry but my english is not very good .

Then you’d have the material spinner in the visualization tab set to the other material.
The setting would depend on the individual model really.