Hair: Roughness and Roots

Hey Everyone,

Just learning hair (again).

Added a bit of roughness to this hair clump I’m making, looks great, but how do I stop the roots curling around like that?

I’m having the same problem…
My solution it is a bit of work but I un-check the “Preserve Root Positions” of the Comb tool, go into Wireframe view, and move the root vertices a bit deep into the mesh. (You may want to subdivide those first particles)
Then check the box again to prevent them moving, and comb the rest of the hair.
This may cause problems with collision simulations.

Edit: the more control points near the root the more roughness we get, I’m almost pulling my own hairs off…

Instead of using values, you can define a Roughness Curve.
So, you can set hair with null roughness near roots and more roughness farther.

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Sweet, thanks :slight_smile: