Hair shader in blender 2.79

Hi, in the user manual for version 2.79 there is this shader:
but I have this shader:
Is it possible to have the first shader in blender 2.79 and if so how? If the answer is no what is the use of the roughness U, roughness V, offset and tangent?
Thanks in advance

The principled hair shader is not available in 2.79b as it was implemented after its release. If you want to use it you have to download 2.79.7 or 2.80 from the experimental builds.


Indeed, the official download page (here) is linking to the official 2.79b release which already 4 months old.

To download the last build, you must go on the builder download page (here) , but as it’s daily built automatically, it can be subject to some crashes.

See you :slight_smile: ++

Thank you very much